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Our conditions
TangoTaxiDancers connect you since 2007!
Conditions of the agency TangoTaxiDancers

Terms and conditions of the service provided by our agency of professional tango dancers "TangoTaxiDancers" (TTD):

First and foremost, after you have contacted us, it is important to understand what you expect from our agency and whether we can fulfill this.


Our service on the Milogas:


You can book a dancer/dancers to accompany you or your group to your chosen milonga for the evening. They will be the dancers best suited to your physical size and your level of dance, according to the information you give us. You book by the hour, for a minimum of three hours.


The dancer/s will meet you at an agreed time and place beforehand so you can go into the milonga together. We can, if you like, book your table at the milonga.

Music in the Bs As milonga is divided into sets of three or four themes by the same orchestra or in the same style. These are called tandas. The taxi dancer/s dance two thirds of the available tandas, and rest for a third. Which tandas are danced will depend largely on the music.


You can also book individual classes with us or a dancer to accompany you in classes during the day or prior to the milonga. Your dancer will be suitably experienced, appropriately dressed, groomed and on time for your appointment.


PLEASE NOTE: We hope that you enjoy the intimacy of the Argentine Tango but please do not get confused and embarrass yourself or our dancers by making inappropriate advances. We are NOT an agency for Latin Lovers. Neither are we an agency for models, we cannot supply dancers based on their physical appearance.


Our dancers represent a range of Tango styles and come in all shapes and sizes, which is important when you are trying to find a comfortable dance partner. At the time of contracting our services you can indicate your preference and we will do our best to accommodate your requests. We will ask you some personal questions in order to assist us with that process. However, we will not accommodate requests based on attractiveness or appearance.


Your contract is with TangoTaxiDancers, not with the individual dancer. If you wish to extend or repeat your booking, you must do so through TangoTaxiDancers. Any dancer found to be entering into private arrangements with our clients risks loosing further employment.


Your dancer will be at liberty to leave at the end of the contracted period, whether you have arrived on time or not. If she or he chooses to stay at the milonga at the end of the contracted time, there is no further obligation to dance with you or your party.

We require payment in advance but offer a money-back guarantee on classes. If there is a good reason why you are not comfortable with your taxi dancer, you can let us know within the first TEN MINUTES. If we can, we will find you a replacement. If not, you may cancel, subject to a fee.


If we have accepted a booking from you and you fail to arrive, we will pay the dancer to wait for you for up to an hour. We will not accept another booking from you until you have refunded us that hour.


We ask you to respect your taxi dancer and his or her right not to be drawn into overly personal conversations or situations. He or she in turn will respect your privacy. The Tango is an intimate experience and our dancers are friendly and courteous, this is not to be mistaken for romantic or sexual interest. If either you or your dancer is made uncomfortable by the other's behaviour, he or she will call us immediately to discuss the situation and you may be asked to give us an explanation by telephone. We will attempt to resolve any misunderstanding and take action as appropriate. If you have behaved inappropriately towards your dancer, for example with a proposition, he or she is entitled to leave and you will not be entitled to a refund. Lamentably, this behaviour is not uncommon among tourists, so we like to make this point clear at the outset. We are not an agency for Latin Lovers - just tango dancers.


We reserve the right to refuse further services to any client for any reason and to record that refusal in our database for future reference.


TangoTaxiDancers is an Argentine company and falls under the laws of the Republic of Argentina.




You may feel funny about hiring a dancer if this is the first time you have done so but it is no stranger than hiring a personal trainer. You will experience the pleasure of being accompanied by a good dancer and dancing the best you can, in the very home of the Tango. A TangoTaxi Dancer will help you to achieve the Tango experience you are looking for:


- TangoTaxiDancers can get you dancing straight away in a Buenos Aires milonga: no time wasted while you try to work out what to do, or fall prey to a succession of bad dancers;


- TangoTaxiDancers can teach you to dance the Tango and can work with you at any level and in any style to improve your technique;


- TangoTaxiDancers can accompany you, to help you to get the best out of whatever Tango classes you choose to take, whether organised by us or not;


- TangoTaxiDancers is a safe, respectable company - not an escort agency and not a stranger who approaches you in a milonga with a proposition. When you book one of our dancers, we know where you are and with whom;


- TangoTaxiDancers can show you two faces of the Argentine Tango: the one the tourists see and a more intimate one usually only frequented by locals in milongas away from the City Centre;


- TangoTaxiDancers can show you how to behave in the milonga and how best to integrate in the Buenos Aires Tango scene, by introducing you to its complex codes;


- TangoTaxiDancers can be hired for milongas, classes, parties, shows or other events.


- Above all, you experience the pleasure of being accompanied by a good dancer in the very home of the tango!

With TangoTaxiDancers, you have a friend in Buenos Aires!

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